12 October 2019

Local body elections

March 2019

Determination subject to High Court appeal

February 2019

Commission considers and makes determination

30 November 2018

Appeals, objections other info to the Commission

07 November 2018

Report to Council on status of process

31 October 2018

No appeal?

No appeal – either:

final proposal (if it complies with the ± 10% rule) and public notice of final proposal; or
proposal is sent to the Commission as if it were an appeal (if it does not comply with the ± 10% rule)
28 September 2018

Appeals and Objections close

25 August 2018

Public notice of final proposal

15 August 2018

Council determines "final" proposal

15 August 2018

Hear and consider submissions

09 July 2018

Prepare report to Council

31 July 2018

No submissions?

If no submissions: Proposal sent to the Commission as if it was an appeal if it is outside the ± 10% rule)
06 July 2018

Submissions close